Nipping Error 12 in the Bud

It’s every simmer’s nightmare. One day, you’re playing your favorite household in TS3, the one where you spent hours lovingly rebuilding all your lots, remodeling all your sims and watching all these terrific incidents happen. You click, “Save,” your computer seems to take an extra long time to save, and then…

Dun dun DUN…

Error 12.

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Find Sims Publications on Issuu

Hey! Did you know that for years now, fans of the Sims have been creating publications based around their favorite game? Yup! That’s right!

Although these publications are produced by amateurs who are just doing this all as a hobby, you’d be amazed at how slick, professional and well made they are. In fact, some are so well done, if you didn’t know any better, you’d think you had picked up a copy of Architectural Digest or Vogue Magazine instead!

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