TS4’s “Take Photo” Option is Awesome

I used to do street photography as a hobby, so naturally, when I discovered there was a photography skill in TS4’s Get To Work, I was stoked. So I gave a bunch of my sims cameras and sent them out to take random street photos.

When I first started choosing “Take Photo,” I thought that all that was going to happen was that I’d get boring screenshots of the game. But what I learned is that you can get some very interesting, if not surprising snapshots of your sims at their most candid.

Case in point–this:

04-23-17_9-48-25 AM

I have posted about this in other places but what the hell, I’ll post about this again on my blog. Apparently, sometimes when you pull out a camera in public, one of your sims may give you “The Look.” The Look is a real life thing that happens when you’re out in public taking pictures and someone catches you in the act.


Here is another sim giving “The Look.” She looks like someone who just noticed someone taking a picture of her and is not too happy about it, right?

05-09-17_8-33-06 PM

I have no idea whether this was planned by the devs or just pure accident, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it might have been by design, because I have come across so many instances of sims looking directly into the camera when, if you think about it, there’s really no reason for them to do that. So I am thinking that the devs have made it so that when a sim takes a photo, other sims passing by him or her will look into the camera.

On top of “The Look,” if you use “Take Photo,” you might accidentally catch some really crazy, off the wall moments. For example, one day my sim was at the gym and I wanted her to take random pictures to level up. I had no intention on doing anything arty. I just had her stand in the middle of the gym and choose “Take Photo.” I moved the camera around, and lo and behold, caught this scene below happening out of the blue!

05-13-17_10-19-37 PM

Below is a picture of the sim who took the above photo (blue haired girl), right before I had her choose “Take Photo.” As you can see, nothing was going on until I had her take snapshots. Then all of a sudden, the gym trainer and another sim came up to the guy on the treadmill and acted very dramatically. If I had never used “Take Photo,” I would’ve never captured such a crazy moment in-game.

05-13-17_10-17-31 PM

On top of capturing crazy situations, you can also get some nice candid shots with “Take Photo” of your sims chilling out:

So, if you want to play around with photography in TS4, don’t just choose, “Take Photo Of…” Go out to a venue or social gathering, choose “Take Photo…”, then move your camera around to get some cool, interesting and amazing snapshots of your sims!


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