And This is Why You Should Back Everything Up

So, this past week, the absolutely worst thing to happen to a simmer happened to me: my hard drive died. And when it died, years worth of simming died with it.

The good news is that I was smart enough to have backed some of my most important stuff on a flash drive and CD. Also, because I populated my user made Sims 3 worlds with families from my library, I have most of them there. Lastly, because I post tons of screenshots everywhere, many of them are online and retrievable.

The bad news is that the last major back up I made for the Sims 3 was in 2013. This means that I lost many families and the bulk of my Sims 3 screenshots and videos. So I have nothing from Late Night, Showtime, Pets, World Adventures or Ambitions.

I’m not really devastated by any of this, just irritated in a “I could kick myself” kind of way. I used to back up my stuff regularly but over the years, for some reason, I just started taking everything for granted. So I’m more upset at my carelessness than anything. With so many ways to back your stuff up, this was completely avoidable.

Anyway, let this all be a warning for you. If you’re really invested in your games, back up everything, whether it be on a flash drive, a disc, the cloud, or whatever. Because if you lose your hard drive, it’s going to really suck to lose so many years of game play, vids and screenshots.


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