The Great TS3 EP Panic of 2017

Well, a somewhat depressing problem is happening right now in the world of Sims 3, one that you may have already experienced already or might in the near future.

The problem started rearing its ugly head a few weeks ago when players started noticing that several of their TS3 packs were no longer showing in the launcher. Initially, everyone thought that this was just Origin up to its buggy tricks again because this has been a long running problem since forever. Unfortunately, this problem was the result of something far worse than a mere bug.

What it looks like is that someone–or a group of people–bought a bunch of TS3 keys off of Origin using fraudulent credit card information, then resold them at places like eBay and Amazon Marketplace. Later, they did a charge back on all the transactions as either part of a money laundering scheme or something larger.

As a response to all this, EA released a new Origin update that deactivated any keys that were purchased from these scammers. So now, what’s been happening is that people are turning on their Sims 3 launchers and finding that any packs they purchased off of eBay, Amazon Marketplace or some other site has been erased from their library. Some of these packs were purchased as long as two years ago, which leads me to suspect that this entire affair is connected to this incident back in 2015, when Ubisoft also had a bunch of keys for its games purchased and resold via stolen credit cards.

In any event, you can understand why there’s been a growing panic as more and more people discover EPs missing from their game. If you find yourself in a similar jam, you may want to post your situation in this mega-thread at EA and follow some of the suggestions posting there, as well as check in periodically for any more updates on the situation. But just so you know, things are looking kind of shaky right now and there’s no telling whether this will all be cleared any time soon, if at all.


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