The Weird BOGON List Issue (Sims 3 Website)

Don’t you just love technology? Don’t you just love how whenever you finally get a grip on some part of it, something completely brand new throws you a complete and total curve ball?

What am I talking about? I’m talking about a very strange issue that affected me recently at the official Sims 3 website.

For a few days last week, I was unable to log in to the site or view my purchase history. I also couldn’t download Create a World at all. I kept getting logged out of the site or being told that my login details were wrong.

When this first happened I thought, “Oh, great, parts of the Sims 3 site are down.” I then went to the EA forums to complain. As it turned out, there wasn’t one thing wrong with the site. Everyone and their grandma was able to log in, surf the site and even download CAW without a problem.

Well, isn’t that special?

I then went through all the known suggestions for fixing this type of situation, from clearing my browser history to even trying the site from my tablet and laptop. Nothing worked.

I reached the end of my rope and was about to give up. Then suddenly, based on someone suggesting that my system or ISP was blocking me from seeing the Sims 3 site, I looked up some information at my ISP’s forum. I then discovered something I  had never heard before, called a BOGON filter list.

I’m still kind of foggy on what it’s all about but from what I understand, sometimes your ISP gives you an IP address that some sites consider suspicious. To protect themselves, those websites will block these addresses or, in other words, put them on a BOGON filter list. If your IP happens to be on this list of a particular site, then you won’t be able to access it. That’s what happened in my case. For whatever reason, my IP address was being blocked by

At first I panicked when I learned that my IP address might have been blocked, but then I read there was a super easy fix. All I had to do was turn off my router before I went to bed, then turn it back on the next day. When I did, a new IP address was generated for me, and I was able to use the Sims 3 site as usual.

So, if you happen to run into this issue of not being able to log into or view parts of the site and you’ve tried every fix that you know of, try turning off your router for a few hours and turning it back on again. You never know– your IP might have been placed on the Sim 3 website BOGON filter.



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