TIL That Sims in TS4 Show Up as Ugly American Tourists in San Myshuno

So, in case you didn’t know, when you go out to the Spice District in San Myshuno, some of your sims from other worlds will show up in baseball caps, hawaiian shirts and khakis. The reason why is that they’re supposed to be tourists visiting San Myshuno. They’re dressed that way because they’re based on the Ugly American stereotype.

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TS4’s “Take Photo” Option is Awesome

I used to do street photography as a hobby, so naturally, when I discovered there was a photography skill in TS4’s Get To Work, I was stoked. So I gave a bunch of my sims cameras and sent them out to take random street photos.

When I first started choosing “Take Photo,” I thought that all that was going to happen was that I’d get boring screenshots of the game. But what I learned is that you can get some very interesting, if not surprising snapshots of your sims at their most candid.

Case in point–this:

04-23-17_9-48-25 AM

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Sky Woman | Simpose Fantasy Story (2016) | Joe Winko

Remember Simpose? This was a hugely popular program back in the day that simmers used to make stories, create new animations or show off their latest skins.

I thought I was the only person on the planet who still owned and used it, so imagine my surprise when I came across the video below on YouTube. Created in 2016 by user winko567, it uses Simpose to illustrate a creation story about a goddess called Sky Woman.

Have Moved To WordPress from Blogger

I dunno what it was about 2017, but this was the year I decided to move my sites. First I moved my old Sims 1 website to The Sims Depot. Now I’ve moved my old Blogger site to WordPress.

The reason? I can’t stand Blogger anymore. There are just too many annoying formatting issues to deal with, and besides, the interface is dated and not robust for what I want to do. So here I am. If you followed me on Blogger, please update your bookmarks because I won’t be posting on that site anymore.