TS4’s “Take Photo” Option is Awesome

I used to do street photography as a hobby, so naturally, when I discovered there was a photography skill in TS4’s Get To Work, I was stoked. So I gave a bunch of my sims cameras and sent them out to take random street photos.

When I first started choosing “Take Photo,” I thought that all that was going to happen was that I’d get boring screenshots of the game. But what I learned is that you can get some very interesting, if not surprising snapshots of your sims at their most candid.

Case in point–this:

04-23-17_9-48-25 AM

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Sky Woman | Simpose Fantasy Story (2016) | Joe Winko

Remember Simpose? This was a hugely popular program back in the day that simmers used to make stories, create new animations or show off their latest skins.

I thought I was the only person on the planet who still owned and used it, so imagine my surprise when I came across the video below on YouTube. Created in 2016 by user winko567, it uses Simpose to illustrate a creation story about a goddess called Sky Woman.

Have Moved To WordPress from Blogger

I dunno what it was about 2017, but this was the year I decided to move my sites. First I moved my old Sims 1 website to The Sims Depot. Now I’ve moved my old Blogger site to WordPress.

The reason? I can’t stand Blogger anymore. There are just too many annoying formatting issues to deal with, and besides, the interface is dated and not robust for what I want to do. So here I am. If you followed me on Blogger, please update your bookmarks because I won’t be posting on that site anymore.